As part of your interview preparation, you should seek to discover whom you might know that works for the company or who has connections with the business. Searching through social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter can give pop-ups about the company. Once you identify someone you can approach, ask them if they would be willing to answer some queries regarding the upcoming interview, the hiring process, the workplace culture, and career paths at the organization. It is estimated that quite a large percent of people in their current jobs acquired them because of networking.
Have you ever seen yourself on a video? Or heard your voice recorded on tape? Preparing for an interview is the time to take a clear look at how you appear and sound to others. For instance, do you talk enthusiastically? Is your voice convincing? Do you play with your hair while you talk?
Besides practicing how to respond to questions, see how you look while you answer. Such practical preparation helps in boosting confidence in the way you present yourself, which will help quiet your nerves and leave you to focus on your interaction with the employer.
Perform as many simulated interviews as possible, even with a friend. Ask them to judge your conduct and way of responding. You can be rest assured that you will be much better at answering “What would you bring to the position?” the fiftieth time than you are the first time.
Know your interviewers
Making a connection with your interviewer is crucial. Many people believe that since they have a good rapport with people, the connection will occur naturally. However, it takes much more to succeed in an interview. In today’s highly competitive job market, every interviewer wants to know if they can easily get along with you and that you have given serious thought about your move and, more importantly, your move to their firm.
Therefore, besides thinking of how you will answer the interview questions, you should seek to know the interviewer and how they view the practice you seek to join.
Pack and dress accordingly
First impressions are often more important than anything else on a job interview. A sharp appearance shows that you are poised, prepared, and polished. It shows the recruiter that you take the interview seriously and that you have taken care to look your best. With prior knowledge of the company culture, you are able to dress appropriately and professionally. Being confident about your appearance automatically enhances your interview. Make sure to show up neat and groomed.
Also, pack any material you might need for the interview beforehand. Ideally, you should print a couple of copies of your formal documents since they may be needed during the interview. For instance, if it is a panel interview then every member should be given a copy. Such documents include:
• Résumé
• Reference letters with praises of you
• Samples of work such as design layouts or writings
• List of referees

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