Clean up your social networking activities
Social media has become among the core elements for job hunters. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn allow employers to get an all-around look of who you are beside your documented qualifications, skills, and experience. Social media is a primary mode of communication today; hence, most recruiters are tuning in to see if a candidate is an all-around individual. Quite a large percentage of employers have argued that they found content on social media profiles that caused them not to hire a candidate.
With such a revelation, cleaning up social media activities is among the prerequisites toward landing a job. Therefore, as you prepare for an interview, review your online sites and ensure that any information detectable from your profiles is only that which presents you positively to your prospective boss. Your profiles should focus on professional issues. Be mindful of how a simple Google search may impact your reputation.
Do your homework: Research about the company
All too often job candidates will show up for an interview dressed to impress and reinforce their skills and experience, yet they get stuck whenever the employer wants details about the company. It is imperative to explore the organization you are interviewing with so they can tell if you are a good fit. Not knowing about the company is a total turnoff to a recruiter.
Further, all industries are undergoing a major upheaval filled with technological disruptions and worldwide competition. Therefore, they are constantly being challenged by the drive to be more rapidly innovative than ever before. Thus, as part of the preparation, you need not only comb thoroughly through the company’s website but also look for news stories or industry think-pieces focused on the company and the industry it operates in.
A good search would include the following:
• Company’s competitors
• Innovations in the industry
• Key leaders in the field
• Press releases from the company
• Press articles about the company
• Company’s blog (if it has one)
An employee who displays genuine interest in a company and has deep knowledge in the industry has a very high chance of getting noticed.
Anticipate interview questions
Anticipating what the interviewer is going to cover gives you a chance to polish your answers, which boosts your confidence. Some of the commonly asked questions include:
• Tell me about yourself
• What do you know about this organization?
• Why are you looking for a new job?
• What is your ideal working style?
• What are your salary requirements?
Even if you are a well-versed interviewing machine, it is imperative to spend time thinking about what skills, accomplishments, and interview answers will resonate most with your interviewers. While you cannot possibly jot down your entire answer after researching the probable questions, you can write down a few notes to keep on hand for the interview itself.
Use the company’s products or services
If you can, buy and consume the firm’s offerings in the market beforehand, so you can prepare with firsthand information to answer related questions. With this information, you can fully attest about the product performance, knowing the strengths and weaknesses. This knowledge shows the interviewer that you are interested in the company and you are likely to get noticed more. You could also check in with the company’s customers to see how they view the products/services and keep any relevant information they share.


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