Make incoming and outgoing calls over Internet Chapter 1


Like many other Android devices, I use my Galaxy tab as a phone to make incoming and outgoing calls. There is a catch if you already don’t know it. The UK version of an make calls, even if it will look like a dinner plate held to your face. But for some reason, Samsung decided that the U.S. version should not have this option. But don’t worry; there is a work-around. Some free apps like NetTalk allow you to make free outgoing calls in the U.S. and Canada for free. Also you can set up a soft phone or VOIP service like Sipgate or Ring2Skype to receive phone calls. Yes, you will be using different apps for incoming and outgoing calls respectively. But hey, it’s totally free. To know more about this, refer to the article named How to make free phone calls from my Galaxy tab. As a compass Yes, there is a compass app that comes with most new Android devices. You don’t need any sort of data connection to access the compass. Once you install it, you will have no trouble in finding your true north in the strangest places. I have used it a couple of times myself. One tip I would like to give the users of this app is that it can be erratic sometimes. In order to have maximum accuracy, reset the compass before reading the measurement. You basically have to spin the Galaxy tab in the shape of a figure 8 to reset. The latest version might have a better way to reset. Read the instructions.

As a bar code scanner

I was quite excited when I saw this app the first time. The bar code scanner app scans your serial bar codes and 2-dimensional bar codes (2D QR codes) and tells you what they mean. Lots of shopping apps were created surrounding this app. Suppose you are in a shop and see a cool camera. You want to buy it but you are not sure whether it is the best deal. Take out your Android device and take a photo of the bar code. Your Galaxy tab will give you a brief description of the product and the best deals available for the product in your locality. Talk about a money saver!

As a still camera

like Oovoo that allow you to video chat with your friends for free. I am sure more apps will come to the market allowing you to make use of the cameras. The still pictures taken in the Galaxy tab camera cannot be considered as top quality. If you want to check the exact quality of the still images taken with Galaxy tab, then head to Google or Flicker. Here is a sample of Galaxy tab pictures found in Flicker.

As a movie camera

As a movie camera Let me break the news for you. You cannot retire your point-and-shoot or your flip video camera and replace it with the mobile camera. Not yet. The rear- end camera takes decent pictures and can be used to capture the moment. Don’t abandon your pro movie camera just because you have a smart phone or tablet with camera. But the movie quality for the Galaxy tab camera is decent. Just to give you an idea, here is a You Tube video shot on Galaxy tab. There is another video comparing Galaxy tab with iPad.

As an audio recorder

There are some excellent audio recorder Android apps available in the Android Market Place. The one that I liked the most is Tape-a-Talk. It will allow you to quickly record audios. It is great to capture ideas coming to your mind when you have only the phone or tab with you. One of the great features I found for this app was this: You can actually append to your previous recordings. It will just act as your hand-held tape recorder that will allow you to pause and record. This one is highly recommended.


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