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As a gaming device

This should not come as a surprise to anyone. The big screen makes it a super-cool device to play your games on. I have played action, adventure, puzzles, classic and crazy games on this. The ever-popular Angry Birds game is a delight to play on this tab. I also recommend Pocket Legends, Gun Bros (it is a mighty big file) and Unblock Me Plus (puzzle). Some of the games made for Android might not be displayed optimally in the tablets. But the developers are making good progress. Some paid games I have seen were making use of the built-in gyroscope for game control. How cool is that?

As a feed reader

A tablet or mobile phone can be used to get the latest updates from the World Wide Web by using RSS feed readers. There are a few feed readers out there but the one I like (and the one I use) is Google Reader. It is a free app and you can get all your feeds in one place. It is quite fast and easy to navigate. In fact, I prefer reading my feeds in my tablet when compared to my laptop. If you don’t know what RSS is and haven’t tried any feed readers yet, you should try it out. It can save you a lot of time and send information that you seek to your device.

As an entertainment center

My Galaxy tab is a full entertainment center in my hands. Think about it. You can watch videos, rent movies, listen to your favorite music, play games offline and online, connect with your friends via social networking sites, and browse the Internet. Entertainment companies are already re-thinking and re-aligning their work to align with this new consumer trend. Now you can rent or download movies/songs to your computer and share them with any other compatible device in your home or work just by pairing the devices via Bluetooth. With the new features like NFC (Near Field Communication) where your phone can interact with NFC chip-enabled devices. Imagine just tapping the tablet on a music album cover and downloading every song in the album to your Android device. Does it sound too good to be true? Well,
it is happening as we speak. Will you get this technology if you buy a Galaxy tab today? It is not implemented as of now, but it will soon come to your hands via a plug-in or straight out of the box.

As a task manager

A tab or smart phone can be used as a task manager to list your tasks and set priorities and deadlines. Reminders can be set up and you can track the completion of the tasks with just a few taps. Life will never be disorganized again. There are raving reviews for task managers like GTD, Due Today, Gtask, etc. I would suggest trying out a few of these because each one is considerably different
from the other. But as competitive developers work hard, the gap is closing up fast. I prefer a task manager running on tablet when compared to that running on a phone because it is easier to make notes in the tablet. There are paid apps around that can sync the tasks among multiple devices.

As a to-do list

I use this quite a lot. There are several to-do lists and some of the task managers come equipped with a to-do list. The one that I use is an app named exactly that, “To-Do List.” You can categorize your to-do list into different sections like work-related personal to-do list, list of groceries to be purchased (To-Do List even provides a list of grocery items to select from). You can also include personal notes. I carry my Galaxy tab while going shopping. The tab will have a list of groceries that I would like to buy and I check off each item I buy from the list. The bar code scanner also comes in handy while doing shopping. Nowadays, whenever I remember to do something, I immediately make a note of it either in my task manager or in my to-do list. It has made me 10 times more productive and has reduced my errors by many fold.


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