How to fix iPhone X recovery mode stuck after iOS 13.3 update [Troubleshooting Guide]

Fixing an issue on your device could escalate to another type of problem. One good example is a stuck on recovery mode problem with iOS devices. A recovery mode is meant to fix some problems on the iPhone’s operating system. This is part of the last resorts or advanced solutions that you can run on

How to fix iPhone X Facebook not loading after updating to iOS 13.3 [Troubleshooting Guide]

Sharing moments with your friends, posting updates or photos and knowing the trends are made easy with Facebook app. It is one of the most in demand social media apps these days. Facebook has evolved over the years and provides more useful features to its users. Contrary to the benefits that the Facebook app provides

How to fix iPhone X constant bootloops after iOS 13.3 update [Troubleshooting Guide]

It may sound frustrating if you can’t use your device after updating to the latest iOS version due to continuous or infinite boot loops. A boot loop will happen if the smartphone is trying to complete the boot sequence but is unable to do so, thus reboots itself. A faulty power button or battery connector

How to fix iPhone X not responding touch screen after iOS 13.3 update [Troubleshooting Guide]

Gone are the days where you need to hurt your fingers trying to type the message that you want to send. Technology has evolved so much and constant innovations are always presented. The creation of touch screen has revolutionized how smartphone works and provides more features to the users. But there are cases where the

How to fix iPhone X keeps shutting down after installing iOS 13.3 [Troubleshooting Guide]

Smartphone competition has gone tougher as the years pass by. Though one can beat the other by hardware design and specifications, it will all boil down to one component – the software battle. Manufacturers are always innovating on how they can improve the user experience by innovating the features of their devices through software updates.

How to fix iPhone X face ID error after updating to iOS 13.3 [Troubleshooting Guide]

Face ID has been one of the most innovative features implemented as a security measure for smartphones. It allows you to use your face to unlock your smartphone. Though it is less secured compared to a fingerprint or password, Apple has designed something to enhance this feature and that is 3D face unlock. The recent

How to fix iPhone X hotspot not working after iOS 13.3 update [Troubleshooting Guide]

Have you ever tried using the personal hotspot on your iPhone X and it did not work after updating to the latest iOS version? iOS 13 has been by far the best iOS version that Apple released but it is far from perfect. When Apple released the most recent version – iOS 13.3, some users

How to fix iPhone X screen burn after updating to iOS 13.3 [Troubleshooting Guide]

Screen burn is a display issue that’s characterized by discoloration of areas on a smartphone’s touch screen. This could happen due to non-working pixels or cumulative non-uniform use of pixels on an OLED display. This issue might be a sign of defective display and has been reported by some iPhone X users that they got

How to fix iPhone X emails wont send after iOS 13.3 update [Troubleshooting Guide]

A communication problem between your email provider and the outgoing email server may cause failure in sending emails. Large file attachments may also hinder a successful sending of email since it could slow down the process, especially if you have a slow internet connection. When Apple released iOS 13.3 update, some iPhone X users have

How to fix iPhone X ghost touch bug after updating to iOS 13.3 [Troubleshooting Guide]

Have you recently encountered an issue where your iPhone X touch screen responds to presses that you did not actually make? This issue is called a ghost touch or touch glitches which could occur if the phone’s touch screen is dirty. Dirt can conduct electricity or water droplets that could cause a charge disturbance on


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