Browse, explore and manage files using Bluetooth


You can use the Bluetooth file transfer app to browse, explore and manage files with any device that has Bluetooth enabled in it. You can easily transfer files or contacts using file transfer profile (FTP) and object push profile (OPP). It offers much more than your inbuilt Bluetooth settings. A word of caution, when I tried to transfer songs and big files, the transfer was a bit on the slow side. As many have raised this concern, let us hope that the authors will fix this soon. It is a free app but you have to tolerate the ads.

As an instant messenger

You will get an app for every popular instant messenger that is available in the net today. You have Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, MSG, AOL. You name it and they have it. There are some apps that allow you to use all your instant messengers in one app. If you are looking for such an app, then try Meebo IM. It currently supports almost all of the IM services but recently took out facebook. The support has announced that they will try to re-add facebook IM in the future.

Take email to the next level

An Android device is Google centric and if you have ever used multiple Google services like Gmail, Reader, Adsense, etc., you will know that all the logins to these services are Gmail account centric. So every Android device comes with an inbuilt Gmail support. That doesn’t mean you cannot use your other email service. You can configure literally all your email service and maintain the contacts in a single place. There are some apps that are dedicated for certain email accounts. So if you don’t like the look and feel that the out-of-the-box client provides, then you have lots of options. I have personally felt that accessing email via your tablet is much more convenient when compared to mobile phones and even comps. A paid app called Trillian will allow you to connect with facebook as well.

As an Internet hotspot

I am using a Galaxy tab with Verizon carrier. In Verizon, there is an option called 3G mobile hotspot. With this feature, we can connect up to 5 Wi-Fi devices to the Internet at the same time. Stay connected on the go using this device’s existing mobile broadband plan. Just a word of caution if you are not using unlimited download plans. Any data sent and downloaded from any of the connected devices in the hotspot will count towards your data plan. Keep a tab on how much data usage is going on. This is perfect when you are traveling and you want to browse Internet in the car.

Web browsing made easy

It is a fact that when it comes to web browsing, screen size really matters and one can’t really
compare between a laptop browsing experience and a tablet browsing experience, but a tablet makes your web browsing experience fast and easy. A variety of browsers is available for Android tablets. This article about best browsers for Galaxy tab describes a few of those. For doing Google search, there is a dedicated hardware button that looks like a lens that will directly launch Google search. The browsing experience is quite fast when compared to a net book. If the printing is too small for you, double tap or pinch zoom to make the font larger.


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